Louis Olave is the CEO of his own consulting firm in Miami, Florida. His consulting work focuses on helping small businesses with strategy and management. This can include anything from operations, sales and marketing, and financial issues. His work has involved a lot of different industries, from biotechnology to e-commerce, and even some gaming projects. He has been consulting since 2008.


Louis Olave studied finance at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He had always envisioned working on Wall Street, which he did. He began his career working for several Wall Street firms including Cantor Fitzgerald and held positions on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and the trading floor of the commodities exchange as well. That’s where his career started, and it gave him a great foundation. He also has an MBA from Georgetown with a concentration on International Business. He has started companies himself and taken them to successful exits and acquisitions. Louis Olave is proud to say that he has the diverse business experience that really helps him meet the needs of his clients.